„Cultura este o muzică spirituală a existenţei, o simfonie care primeşte şi radiază.” (Vasile Băncilă)
 „Legea superioară a existenţei este munca creatoare prin care lăsăm în lume o urmă după ce nu vom mai fi, o operă care prelungeşte existenţa şi după moarte” (Leonardo Da Vinci)


  A school in which education means Harmony, Accomplishments, Talent, Art

  The Art High School from Tg Mures promotes an education oriented towards values, creativity, practical and cognitive abilities. We encourage a democratic student – teacher relationship and team work. We continuously apply communication, both internally and externally in order to facilitate each student’s individual development. By doing this, we help students form their capacity to think, question and solve problems, to relate knowledge from different domains, to use their personal experience in creating new things, to develop functional competencies in order to socially succeed and to form a moral autonomy.

 Among the specific competencies we mention the sensitive reception of the artistic message, either visual or musical, so that a basic artistic education is rendered; the use of varied instruments and techniques, reading – writing elements and language specific for the visual arts and music; the expression of ideas, feelings and messages, by using specific artistic language in various contexts, but also by interpreting musical pieces; the appreciation of musical pieces, their affective and ideal content.

 Our mission is to assure the maximum development of each student’s potential, by emphasizing the acquirement of the values promoted by our school and by having in mind the achieving of specific competencies which will assure the educational services necessary for satisfying the need of the community for life – long learning. “To offer culture means to offer thirst, the rest is a consequence”. (Antonie De Saint-Exupery)

Prof. Grozav Diana Sabina


Prof. Dr. Aved Eva


Prof. dr. Nemeș Ioana

responsible Commission for Quality Evaluation and Assurance (CEAC)

Prof. Păcurar Ioana

Educational adviser

Project and Educational School and extracurricular Programme coordinator